Tuesday, April 20, 2010


honda vario cbs techno low rider
Honda Vario CBS techno low rider, this is the most frequent modifications in the scooter-lovers to do the modifier of Indonesia, with big tires, big body and of course flat. That is the main attraction of the modified low rider. and this time the victim is a modification of vario hodan new techno CBS launched a few months ago. already in the brush Manjadi low rider tough.

Reviews of new honda vario cbs techno
Security features are also present added comfort, the feel skutiknya safe, certainly more comfortable and calm while driving. Vario Techno CBS continue the legacy of security features in pairs in the Vario, such as the side stand switch, parking in a secure key lock and auto shutter.

Well in this Techno CBS Vario added one more feature that is Combi Brake System (CBS). In this technology the rear brake lever, when pressed to distribute the braking force is not just to the rear wheels but also to the front wheels.

"Combi Brake system is expected to help motorists get used to only use the rear brake. With these features the risk of locking the rear wheels when braking suddenly can be reduced, "the U.S. sure Tedjo Siswojo, Senior General Manager of Technical Services, PT AHM. Not only safer but more comfortable, especially for beginner riders.

In addition, now under the handlebar rack equipped with a capacity quite relieved. Utility box under the seat also comes with a lid. Letters of information in a secure key auto shutter phosphor-coated in order to remain visible in the darkness. And the most pampering eye is an indicator panel which is far more exciting than the previous Vario.

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