Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reference for Wheels And Tires Size Modification

Wheels and tires are two parts that can not be separated. In the world of modifications, wheel and tire size is very influential on the appearance of a car, but outside of it, keep in mind, too great a measure of both greatly affect the comfort factor while driving.
Therefore, when changing wheels and tires can not be arbitrary, there are many things which should be noted that there are no regrets in the future when it mencangkoknya ditunggangan favorite.

Combination Wheels Size And Tires
Recommendations from the car manufacturers can change a car wheel size without reducing the performance of the engine and the driving comfort is the maximum level 2 (+ 2) of the standard size can be from the factory. But in the modification of a car can change the size up to 4 levels peleknya (+4) over the standard wheel size without the need to make changes to the car body.

Of course change the size of wheels with a larger (up-size) should be followed by the turn of the right tire size so it will not be happen gesrot symptoms or fixed to the body in the car or the car fender.

Effect of Changing Tire and Rim Size
Many people ask, whether there is influence or effect if it has changed the wheel and tire size? .. The benefits of making changes and tire rim size so much of which is handling the response for the better car when changing direction or maneuver, because the tire contact area with the road surface becomes wider, making traction a tire larger than a car’s appearance becomes more catchy.
But the weakness of the up-size wheels and tires replaced with a thinner profile and the width will slightly reduce the damping force cars to the road surface is uneven and a little more noise (noise road) due to the tire contact with road surfaces became greater.

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